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made your donation I'll give you javanese alphabet picture


Actually I really want to show many of javanese culture in my website (

I'm really want that everybody in the world can watch and know about javanese culture.So many people in the world can know there is a city in Indonesia name SOLO which have beautiful and wonderful culture.For example javanese dance,wayang,tembang(javanese song)and many others.

But until right know I can't show video or picture because my tool is still limited.Few days ago I just try to made fund raising with chipin,but until right now donation are only from my off line friends nobody from online friends.

Because of that offer for anybody who give me donation I'll send file in jpeg picture of Javanese alphabet.

I like to say thank you if you willing to donate me.

Mova Nugraha

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also see :javanese languages version

Right now in Solo Indonesia every place which have name board put on Javanese alphabet on it.For example name board of solo city hall right now there are 2 alphabet on it latin and javanese.

The javanese alphabet put on name board is for support tourism program from Solo local Government.

As a citizen of solo I'm very happy with this program because this program I think can made tourist interest to visit Solo Indonesia.

But I think this program can't work on maximal if there is no promotion.I just try to search in google about phrase "solo indonesia"and"surakarta Indonesia" that are only 905.000 for solo Indonesia and 314.000 for surakarta. Compare with phrase yogyakarta indonesia there are 5.960.000 or kudus Indonesia 1.650.000.

In my opinion right now internet are the most efective way to promotion.Because many people in many country find information from internet.If in the internet is still not enough about promotion. I think tourism program to made tourist to visit solo are still not in maxmimal.

Thank you
Mova Nugraha

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Indonesia Blocked Youtube site(Indonesia ngeblok situs you tube)

(Javanese version)

Kala wau dalu kulo mersani berita wonten ing televisi babagan menawi situs youtube badhe dipun blok dateng pemerintah Indonesia.Situs punika dipun blok amargi taksih wonten film "fitna" wonten ing website-ipun.

Miturut pemanggih kulo,ngeblok situs youtube mboten wonten bathinipun malah kathah ruginipun.Awit youtube punika ingkang mirsani tiyang sakdunia lan menawi ngeblok situs punika tiyang Indonesia ingkang kagungan akun wonten ing website punika mboten saged akses utawi mlebet wonten ing situs punika.
Babagan punika kulo kinten ndamel video utawi film saking Indonesia mboten saged dipun persani tiyang sak dunia.
Kula gadhah pitakenan punopo babagan ngeblok situs punika mboten dadosaken Indonesia mboten dipun kenal dening tiyang sak jagad?Punopo mboten dadosaken program "Visit Indonesia Year 2008"mboten mlampah amargi tiyang tiyang sak jagad mboten saged ningali kabar paling anyar saking Indonesia?
Kulo piyambak dereng nate mireng utawi mriksani film "fitna" punika sakderenge medal wonten ing Televisi.

Miturut pemanggih kulo langkung awit sae menawi ingkang dipun blok punika berita berita wonten ing televisi.Berita berita wonten ing televisi punika ndadosno promosi gratis kagem situs situs porno utwi film film kados mekaten.

Amargi tiyang ingkang sakderengipun mboten nate mireng dados kepingin mriksani amargi asring medal wonten ing televisi.

Mugi babagan ngeblok situs punika mboten dadosaken program "Visit Indonesia Year 2008" mboten mlampah.

Mova Nugraha

Last night I watched the news in television about Indonesia Government going to blocked "youtube" site,because they still have Fitna fil on them content

In my opinion blocked this site, made nothing earn but a lot of lost.Because many people in the world made visit of this site,because if blocked this site Indonesian people who have account in youtube can't access and update their video.I think it made Indonesian newest video can't update and made people can't know what newest Indonesian news.

I have question is that blocked site thing doesn't disturb Indonesia program "Visit Indonesia Year 2008"?

Me myself never hear this movie before i\its become television news.

In my opinion is more effective if Government blocked the news in the television.Because news in Television become free promotion for porn site and film like this.
Every people who never hear about this film want to watch it because its in the news.

I hope this blocked site thing doesn't disturb what government program "visit Indonesia Year 2008"

Mova Nugraha

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My son and Javanese languages (putraku lan boso jowo)

(Javanese languages version)

Pinten dinten kepengker kula kepanggih rencang-rencang sekolah.Gandeng
sampun dangu mboten kepanggih lajeng dipun lajenghaken wonten
"wedangan".Wonten ing wedangan lajeng cariyos kabaripun piyambak
-piyambak.Sareng cariyos mlebet wonten ing babagan putro,lajeng kulo
cariyos menawi putro kula,kula ajari ngagem boso jowo.Babagan menawi
putro kula ngagem boso jowo punika dipun geguyu dening rencang-rencang
kula sedaya,kula radi kaget punopo ingkang dipun geguyu dening
rencang-rencang punika.Kasunyatan rencang-rencang punika sinaoso wong
jowo ingkang manggen wonten jowo mboten wonten ingkang ngagem boso
jowo dateng putranipun.

Kedadean punika ndamel kula hanggatekaken lan hangemataken sinten
kemawon tiyang sepuh ingkang kagungan putro umuripun dereng 5 taun
wonten ing kampung kula.Mboten wonten ingkang ngagem boso jowo dateng
putro utawi putrinipun.

Babagan punika ingkang ndamel kula nyerat wonten ing blog punika.
Kula kagungan kaprihatosan menawi tiyang jowo piyambak ingkang manggen
wonten ing jowo mboten ngagem boso jowo lajeng sinten ingkang badhe
nguri-uri budoyo jowo punika.

Menawi boso jowo kemawon sampun mboten dipun ginakaken punopo malih
budoyo jowo sanesipin kadosto tembang macapat,gamelan,tarian jowo lan


Mova Nugraha

(english version)

Several days ago I meet few my friends from my old school.Because we
long time don't see each other we continue the meeting in
"wedangan".In there everybody tell each other about the news.Then when
entrance the story about our child,I tell them that i just using
javanese languages to my son,suddenly every body laugh.I just don't
understand why every body laugh.Evidently because every body don't use
javanese languages to them child.

Because of that event made me bending on my neighborhood about parents who has child under 5 years old.No one using Javanese languages.

Because of that event made me write this blog.
I feel joyless If javanese people who live in java no longer use
javanese languages then who use to be uphold this java heritage.
If javanese languages not again use what about other java heritage
like mocopat song,gamelan,java dance,etc

Thank you

Mova Nugraha

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