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In the javanese culture there are many kind of song.In here list of song type of javanese culture song :

1. Tembang dolanan
2. Tembang macapat
3. tembang tengahan
4. tembang gedhe
5. Tembang gendhing

This blog try to give illustration what is tembang dolanan and give the example.

Is the song which singing by the children,they singing together with their friends while in playing.
Example: sluku sluku bathok,cublak cublak suweng,menthok menthok.

The song Sluku-sluku bathok:
sluku sluku bathok
bathoke elak elok
si romo menyang solo
oleh olehe payung motho.
mak jenthit lolobah
wong mati ora obah
yen obah medeni bocah
yen urip goleko duit.

the song cublak cublak suweng :
cublak cublak suweng
suwenge ting gelenter
mambu ketundung gudel
pak empong lera lere
sopo ngguyu ndelikake
sir sir pong dele gosong
sir sir pong dele gosong

the song menthok menthok:
menthok menthok takkandani
mung lakumu megal megol hangisin isini
mbok yo ojo ngetok ono kandang wae
enak enak ngorok ora nyambut gawe

I hope this blog can give illustration what is tembang dolanan.

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